CANON PiXMA Printers Troubleshooting Tutorials.

Do you have a problem in your CANON PiXMA Printer and remain unsolved? Here you can search and see the possible remedy to make your Printer working again. Just use the SEARCH BOX SYSTEM to find your troubleshooting solution. You can also leave a COMMENT(S) if possible.


This trouble appears when the printer absorber is full. You can solve this problem by resetting your printer or by cleaning the ink absorber. The solution of this problem is risk. But all you need is patient and be careful all the time when giving up a solution or remedy.

Green and orange light alternatively blinking - Pixma Canon iP2772 Printer

When my Pixma Canon iP2772 Printer got a paper jam and after removing the paper jam my canon printer got another problem. Green and orange light alternatively blinking and it displayed on my monitor that “black and colored cartridges are not recognized”. But I simply calm because I know that this error is considered as minor.

How to remove Paper Jam - Pixma Canon iP2772 Printer

Are you feeling difficult to remove the Paper Jam in your Pixma Canon iP2772 Printer? In terms of paper jam in your Canon iP2772 Printer you need to calm not to be panic. Just simply relax and stay cool because your printer will never get hurt, just kidding. :)

How to troubleshoot Canon iP2772 Black Cartridge

Today, I would like to share you my experience with my Canon iP2772 Black Cartridge. After I printed 503 pages exactly of document, my Black Cartridge never print anymore. My canon printer was a CISS one. The ink from the tank flowing fine to the cartridge. No more air can I see inside the hose.

What are the requirements needed to CISS Canon 2772

Canon printer is good for CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) to conserve ink consume. It can also prevent damage of your cartridge by pulling it out and putting in again. I also assure you that you can print more than using Continuous Ink Supply System. And let yourself confident to print more and more documents. It is 99% reduce your expenses in terms of your ink budget.

Pixma Canon 2772 printer features

Pixma Canon 2772 printer is the newest model of Pixma Canon 2700 series.

Canon ip2772 Driver - Installation Procedure

For you to use the your Canon ip2772 you need to install it using the software that we called driver.